Arike’s Plantain Frittata Recipe and Vlog – Ultimate Breakfast

Hi Guys,

It’s been a minute. Yes I promised you my plantain frittata recipe but guess what?, I had to take a break because it was my birthday, YAY!!!!.

I’m now back with a new groove. So before we dive right in, I feel the need to explain the origins of plantain lol. First and foremost plantain is not banana though they belong to the same family.

Plantain Fritatta

Growing up as a child in West Africa, I’d always believed that plantain originated from the region but to my greatest SURPRISE, google has now led me to or is now trying to make me believe that plantain originates from Southeast Asia (according to…hmm, so how come West Africans love it so much?, my thought exactly.

No matter the origin of the plantain, West Africans seem to love it the most.

Without boring you with to much details, I’ll just give you some simple rules about getting the best out of plantains:

  • Unlike banana, plantain does not taste nice if eaten raw.
  • Plantain usually taste better when fried or baked and can be eaten with fried egg.
  • You can roast it as well for a roasted effect/taste and this is usually eaten with ground nut and pear.
  • You can boil it and make plantain pottage (a recipe for another day).
  • Oh the most exciting thing is you can turn it into plantain chips.

Since #ArikeBsKitchen is about everything African meeting Western and healthy eating coming together, I believe this recipe is a good fusion of the beloved African plantain with a Western style Frittata.

Arike’s Plantain Fritatta

Time: 10 mins


  1. 2 large ripe plantains.
  2. 2 tbsp of vegetable oil.
  3. 1 tsp of curry (optional).
  4. 1 tsp of thyme.
  5. 1 tsp of sea salt.
  6. 1/2 of bell peppers ( red and green).
  7. 2 medium tomatoes on a vine.
  8. 1 medium brown onion.
  9. Deep pan.
  10. 4/5 large eggs (I used free range).


  1. Slice both plantains into smaller circular/round pieces.
  2. Add 1 tbsp of veg oil into a deep pan and fry the plantain slices over a low/medium heat for 3 mins (turn intermittently to avoid burning, it’s easy to get distracted when frying plantain and the slightest distracton can leading everything getting burnt (psst I burnt a few lol).
  3. Once done (golden brown) remove the plantain from the pan.
  4. Add another 1 tbsp of veg into the same pan, chop your onion, add to the pan and fry for 1min over low heat.
  5. Whilst the onion is frying, chop your bell peppers and tomatoes and add to the pan, fry for another 1 to 2 mins (you can add any other filling here I.e. prawns).
  6. Add the spices and seasonings: thyme, curry (optional), sea salt and stock. Stir these into the mixture in the pan for 2 mins (it’s important to continuously stir for the mixture to become infused with the seasoning so that your frittata comes out tasty).
  7. Crack and beat 4 large eggs, then over a low heat add 1 layer thick of beaten egg. Allow the egg to set (you can’t turn the egg, so if done over low heat the egg should not burn).
  8. Afterwards, add all the slices from the first plantain to the layer of egg just before it completely sets. Allow the plantain slices to set with the egg.
  9. Once done, add another layer thick of egg and repeat the layering and setting process of the plantain and egg with the 2nd set of plantain slices (see video).
  10. Once set, add the last bit f egg to form a covering over the last layer of plantain, allow to set over low heat.

Cut yourself a slice and make a hot chocolate.

The beautiful thing about  this recipe is that, it can also be made by baking all the everthing together in a dee pan dish in the oven and it’s  a recipe that you can easily make a vegetarian and pescatarian meal of (this is a flexitarian version).

Till next time.

– Enjoy your meal.



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