Who is ArikeB?

Welcome to my Kitchen,

My name is Arike, and I hope to share some of my recipes with you all. You’re probably wondering why I’m a “Flexitarian”, well a flexitarian according to “wiki” is defined as someone is a semi-vegetarian, which means you consume more of fish than meat and mostly eat fruits and vegetables and yes you got that right we will all love to lead a healthy life.

I decide to become a flexitarian after researching into healthy/alternative ways to eat food rich in all the nutrients we need as humans without having to consume unhealthy processed foods which contain chemicals that in the long term are quite dangerous to our health.

From this experience, I decided to share my recipes with you and hopefully inspire somebody out here to become a flexitarian, lol I’m just kidding. I’d like to share my love of food especially with mixing African recipes with western recipes.

You can follow us on instagram @arikebs_kitchen.

ArikeBsKitchen also specialises in Nigerian small chops such as: puff puff, fish, chin chin, plantain chips e.t.c

So sit back and enjoy as I share some of my most successful recipes.

Should you have, any suggestions or queries feel free to contact me via the contact form.

I look forward to exciting times ahead.



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